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Custom HOTAS script and keybinds

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  • Custom HOTAS script and keybinds

    Please forgive if this has already been covered, as I was not able to find anything about this in the forums.

    First - I'm quite new to Elite, HOTAS, and voice command/packs.

    I have a Warthog HOTAS and use Aussiedroid's Enhanced Warthog Script v3.x.x, this requires the use of a set of custom binds in Elite.

    Now, I just got a full multi-crew HCS Voice Pack and during the setup it says I need to make a key bind and activate in Elite. How can I merge these binds so that I'm able to keep full command of Elite through the HOTAS (playing in VR using the keyboard is not an option for me nor am I always able to 'talk' to my ship due to a family member sleeping on my couch due to a medical issue and need to be quiet sometimes), but still allow the AI control for when I am able to communicate to her.

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    Our bind reader just reads whatever keyboard press is assigned in the .binds files
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