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  • Voice and timing

    When I ask Alix to request docking, before she responds with "asking" the dock says "granted" So they grant permission to dock is micro sesonds before she even asks? LOL Is there a way to make the game wait a second or two after Alix asks for docking permission before the game repsonds?

    Secondly, when I ask for Enable or disable "Auto pilot" the X4 ship voice speaks at the same time as Alix ove the top of each other. ....any ideas of turning off the ship voice for that command? thanks.
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    We can maybe put a pause in after Alix speaks and before the request is sent. Timings can be tricky as different pc's can respond quicker or slower. Also Alix's responses vary in length from 1-3 seconds, so if the pause is too long, you'll hear her ask and then nothing for 3-4 seconds. It's difficult to get it 100% perfect
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      Fine tuning can be the hardest part of any project. Not the end of the world if not possibe,
      Just humorous that the station gives docking granted before its asked. LOL

      My current PC is a intel 4ghz, 32gb ram, SSD 500GBdrive but an older 780GTX 3GB graphics card.

      PS: In the X4 reference guide pdf the very last command is “Hello” - Alix will respond. But nothing happens? Was that left out of the commands but left in the pdf file? thanks.

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    Yes, this is an issue. Also Alyx doesn`t know when there is a delay to docking and you must wait.

    I had all these issues with my version of Astra. My solution was to simply not have Astra say anything at all and allow the ingame voice to do the confirmations. This works very well for me. This would work with Alix also until they fine tune her responses.
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      Actually, I put a 3 second pause between the sound command and when the actual dock request is sent.