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Alix alive or dead?

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  • Alix alive or dead?

    I am hoping not but guessing the Alix pack for X4 is now a done idea. I bought it when it was announced, I have used the voice packs in Elite and liked them, since then there has been several updates to the X4 game, a new DLC and another in the offing, yet no profile updates, not since day one. Customisation was promised in Mar 2019 in answer to a post on this forum, nearly 2 years later and customisation command still does nothing in my Alix and as mentioned in a different post a lot of the commands simply no longer work. Is there going to be anymore work on it? If not take it down off your shop page as it is useless as it is for the purpose your selling it for. If there is ongoing updates when are we likely to see any progress and a profile update please.

    As it is I have lost confidence in buying voice packs for anything but Elite, I know they get updated, but after this with X4 never seeing an update. What would be the point of buying the FPS voice pack if it ends up the same way as the X4 pack.

    Anybody got any answers?

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    Just found your message. Seems like nobody bothered to respond in ages, so I will, though I cannot give you much hope. Yea, it's disheartening when this kind of thing happens. I also paid for it. As long as you pay for it, it should be maintained.
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