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Which packs can do what?

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  • Which packs can do what?

    I ordered the Verity pack years ago (like in 2015 or so). Getting back into the game (Elite Dangerous) now, and thinking about getting more packs.

    Do all the packs have the same functionality? Nebula tours, chitchat, and such? It isn't clear from the information in the store and or on the youtube videos.
    (Hopefully I haven't overlooked something.)

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    They are all pretty much the same in terms of core content. ie the ship control.

    There are some differences in the knowledge base, with ASTRA being the most complete. If a pack doesn't have the knowledge base (quantum, galaxapedia, constellations), then they will have the appropriate files for another pack to take the role.

    ((Chase is exception here, still trying to work out who to voice atm). On top of that Cecil is currently being reworked for Singularity compatibility

    Chit-Chat is something that not all packs have, as it is just *purely* flavour according to each pack
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      I ended up buying ASTRA, so now I have ASTRA and Verity (great work on both of those, by the way!)
      When I ask about the nebula expedition, VA says, "Coming soon"
      Is it really coming soon, or do I need to buy Shatner or Spiner?


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        Verity is waiting to record the nebula tour but Astra has it. Assign Astra to the science officer and it should then work for you.
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          Originally posted by Gangrel View Post
          ........... On top of that Cecil is currently being reworked for Singularity compatibility

          WOOHOO!! Yes! That is great news. \o/