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Can AI talk randomly

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  • Can AI talk randomly

    I was wondering if you can get the AI to just talk whenever "it" feels like. And if its possible do you have to get the personal pack?

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    Some of the AI packs can do this, and no you don't need the personal pack for this to work.

    The packs that support this are:


    They have an additional couple of commands, and are initially triggered by raising your landing gear. There are tweaks that you can do on top of this (they have been posted in other sections of the forum), and there is also described method on how to disable it as well.

    We are going to be changing HOW this mode is started in the next couple of profile updates, because people were getting annoying with how often the AI spoke, and how repetitious it was.
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      some more do it now too... I know Vasco is one, as I have had him yelling all sorts of bizarre random things