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Default Keybinding not possible - Swedish Keyboard

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  • Default Keybinding not possible - Swedish Keyboard

    I have come across this several times in other programs... the keys on my keyboard don't map like UK/US
    Right this moment the Supercruise is "/" but for me to get THAT slash I have to hit shift-7 or the numpad-/ .. I note this comes up now and then....
    would using the numpad / be the same?

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    these issues are due to different kb layouts around the world. Best you can do is rebind it in the profile and rebind the on keypress shortcut key. There is the new keybind plugin that comes with Astra so you can rebind the keys on the fly but it doesn't alter the on keypress part of the profile.
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      It's possible.
      If I remember correctly the forwardslash is the "- _" key on a swedish-layout keyboard. This works fine in the keybindings-setup regardless if you have english or swedish layout set in windows.
      The numlock forward-slash is not the same as the "regular" one.