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  • Ship's Cat and Leo

    I see that I can save £2.99 when I buy Leo and Ship's Cat. So...

    Do I get Ship's Cat free and included with Leo, or do I order them separately and then get the discount at Checkout (I see no discount at Checkout so far if I have them both in my basket)?

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    Yeah, in Discord they confirmed it was the same cat and was included with Leo, but when I went to purchase I noticed the same thing, so didn't proceed with the purchase.
    At the end of the day, its only 3 pounds, but yeah .. do I buy it extra or not..
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      Well I bit the bullet and bought Leo. And I can now let you know that I received download links for Leo and the Ship's Cat, plus the two codes required to activate them. And all for the sum of £9.99. So a bit of a bargain I think. All I have to do now is get them both working together with Astra. Tutorials and How Tos here I come. Cheers