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Celeste is great! And here is an idea

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  • Celeste is great! And here is an idea

    Hi there! Beginning in Elite Dangerous, I searched the Internet for things that could make that game even more immersif, and I discovered HCS Voicepack. And I can't tell you how much your work is great!
    Now, I fell like a space captain, assisted by that wonderfull AI Celeste, that comes along with me in all my adventures.

    That's surelly not my last buy from your site ^^

    After talking about (promoting) Celeste with other French players in ED, I discovered another story, the one of the french attempt of HCS voice pack.
    Seems like there isn't any captain anymore in that ship...

    So we came up with an idea. All of us (the french ED players with whom I talked about the idea) are fully aware that your work means a lot of time and money, and a continuous effort to make that product "top of the rank".
    We suggest that you kickstart (or whatever platform) a project for a french version (of Celeste would be ... wouaahhhhh), and that we, the french community, back up your project. That way, either you have enough customers to bring the project to life, either there's not enough french customers and no risk has been taken. (besides the one of kickstarting a project)

    I'm sure, from what I've read on the french forums, that we'll be a bunch to buy your product. Maybe not enough? Maybe plenty enough? There's only way to discover it ;-)

    From what we have heard, Celeste aka Sabrina Ruiz, would be a perfect AI for us!

    Sorry for my poor english, but I'm super excited by this idea!


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    I am interessed by that too. I think we can found lot of interessed people on redit and other.