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Voices Cutting Off Each Other and Themselves.

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  • Voices Cutting Off Each Other and Themselves.

    What I want is for all voice files to finish playing before another one starts. Whether it's multiple crewmen, or just one to whom I've issued more than one command in succession.

    The problem is apparent in Singularity, when for example I give a command as soon as I drop, but another crew member makes a comment about the system, cutting off the previous crewman executing my command. I don't know if it's just me, but when I issue a Red Alert, this also causes audio cut-offs as the crewman begins a new line of the command before he finishes the first.

    Is there some global VA/Voice pack setting that forces all voice files to fully complete before starting another? Or maybe even allow them to literally talk over each other, but without cutting the prior off?

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    It's not something you can fix but these are issues we need to be told about so we can fix them. Overlaps happen when a command is given whilst another is still running, this we cannot stop and we wouldn't want to as that would slow down your functionality just so a voice can speak. What we very much need to hear about is overlaps coming from one command. We use different methods to stop it but as every pack can contain different responses and catching every one is difficult and will be an ongoing process of updates to correct them all. The best way you can help us is to report them with what command was given and what voice was being used when you heard the overlap.
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      First of all I wanted to say thank you. I enjoy these voice packs a lot, it definitely adds something extra to Elite. Singularity is spectacular on the bigger ships!

      A bit of feedback on some recent experiences, though:

      - Orion seems to have too many things to say (well, that's his charm but it's a bit too much) in Singularity when giving the "Clear the area and prepare for system jump" command. This doesn't happen for me when I'm just using his profile. He seems to have a slight delay with the message about the pips and then cuts himself off by telling me about the boost before moving on with messages about the frameshift drive.

      - Celeste seems to be hearing things... When giving the "Prepare for launch" command she goes through the cycle but throws in a "hmm?" every single time. Both in singularity and single profile. In single profile she also asks me randomly "are you sure?" not sure if this is intended but it's a bit odd.