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  • Archer release

    Hi there,
    I bought Archer voice pack few days ago and it said it will release on 15th of December which is today but i haven't received email about it being available for download. Do we have ETA?
    I apologise for my impatience but I'm really excited to try it out.

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    We typically release in the evening of the day
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      Thank you for clarifying it.


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        Originally posted by Gangrel View Post
        We typically release in the evening of the day
        Which time zone exactly i just bought it 30min ago, got a download link wich comes with a nice 'Archer Preorder.pdf' file, but no other files.
        Only got 1 download left, thought there might've been a mistake but no other files showed.


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          there is a slight delay with Archer so he'll be good to go tonight (sat 16th) instead. We were trying to get v2 of singularity ready in time to put with him but it needs a couple more days. So he'll be released with v1 of singularity even though v1 is not Archer enabled. v2 of Singularity with Archer enabled will be a few days later. Sorry about that
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            I hope it all works out on your side and ours as well. I'm just slightly hyped and impatient as this is my first pack.