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Compiled command list for Astra and personalized voice pack! ~Word Doc & Google doc!

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  • Compiled command list for Astra and personalized voice pack! ~Word Doc & Google doc!

    Since I have purchased the Astra voice pack as well as the personalized voice pack I typed up a list of commands as a sort of "quick reference". I printed these out and then high light the ones that work best for me when using voice attack. I thought others may find this useful as well instead of having to type it up for yourselves. This is roughly four pages at the moment. If there are any corrections needing fixed or added let me know and I will try to update it. This command list has many sub sections that will appear in the list as follows.

    Comms (this block describes what the commands will apply to. In comms it will list commands for comms.

    Close comms ~ Close comms panel ~ Comms panel on/off (These are the commands you speak. When something is listed as on/off this means you would speak the command as "Comms panel on" or "comms panel off".

    Another example will be for the engines. (Engines or Main Drives) 10, 25, 30, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90, 100%/ This means the command will start with Engines OR Main Drives followed by whichever % you wish to apply to your engines. For example a spoken command for this would be... "Engines 25%" or "Main drives 40%".

    Google doc file type ~
    Word doc file type ~

    If there are any problems with the links or getting the file let me know and I will fix it. In time I will work on adding more commands such as the educational commands.
    I can be reached on here, steam ( or in game! My in game name is Chexss.
    Enjoy =)
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    Just so you are aware, there is also an .html file in the profiles as well that covers this. This list however is the autogenerated export that Voice Attack can do (which might help save your fingers if you really want to deal with the education stuff)

    Edit: No need to include the keybindings as those commands are NOT accessible directly by voice commands.
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      Oh my bad! Probably would of saved me a little time =P Tho I just picked and choose which I felt was necessary. Thanks for the heads up!