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Imported commands as per guide, having issues.

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  • Imported commands as per guide, having issues.

    Comment from Youtube- Hi. I followed all the steps here to load the profile for the initial, but there is no voice recognition through VoiceAttack, that meaning, none of the prompts I use (exactly as yours) are getting a responce, they show up as "Unrecognized".Is this VoiceAttack just not understanding me? (I am a natural, clear English speaker). Also, I notice several commands you used in your "Import Profile" video, when spoken by me to test the system, either say "unrecognised", or "sound playback delayed error" or they are recognised but there is no sound or action. Little confused and want to get this working as I bought Astra, Astra Personalisation pack and Mars packs.

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    Just wanted to say I have spent the majority of the day fiddling with the system and have it mostly working... however several commands I see "recognized" in TeamAttack, which have a sound file associated with the action such as key strokes, do not work. This is the same type of command regardless if I use the 1.6.5 Basic Full or Beta (which I am interested in using as it has more commands inside such as docking etc). Any idea why the sounds would not play? Do I need to re-install?


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      Side note: Running through the windows speech training program several times helps a great deal, also depending on what your microphone/desktop mic/webcam mic is, there can be background sound that is making it harder for voice attack to pick up on your voice.

      Can you give us a list of the commands that are not working for you? I know this sounds bad, but we do have over 1500 individual commands/responses that would need to be checked (along with whichever profile that you are referring to).

      Without this information, there is unfortunately no way that I will be able to give any more help.
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