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  • Concerning Interaction Mode...L

    I'm looking to purchase another voice pack. Currently I have ASTRA, DORIS, Verity, and Midnight. Three of them have Interaction Mode and one of them (Midnight) sadly does not. It's a shame too because Midnight is my favorite voice so far but I use him the least because Interaction Mode is much more immersive.

    Anyway, back to my question: I'm looking to purchase a new pack but I only want ones with Interaction Mode- I realize I can create an Interaction Mode myself but if the canned responses are not specifically created with Interaction Mode in mind it really comes off like my AI has some awkward form of Tourette's Syndrome.

    I know Leo, Minus, and Vasco have Interaction mode (as well as ASTRA, Doris, and Verity which I already have...) but what about KSAI, Legend, Kate, or Jazz? It's not immediately apparent in the shop which have it and which don't.

    Any clarification would be appreciated.

    Love these voice packs... looking forward to future releases!
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    The latest update has MIDNIGHT INTERACTION MODE 1.6.6, as I just reinstalled all my packs yesterday.

    In the mean time you could use this one.


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      Thanks, man. I'll give it a try.

      I don't suppose you know if KSAI, Legend, Kate, or Jazz have an interaction mode do you?


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        KASI is the only pack I don't have (or want) as to the others:

        Kate Interaction Mode:

        JAZZ doesn't have one, so I created my own using this folder: {VA_SOUNDS}\hcspack-JAZZ\Additional Dialogue\Dialogue 2

        LEGEND has Interaction Mode included.


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          Ha, yeah KSAI sounds... a tad bit obnoxious. So naturally I have to have that one. I mean I put up with Doris so how bad could it be?

          Anyhow, thanks for the help man! I really appreciate it.