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Guide to the voice package

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  • JakeLikesCake
    I have some troubles using commands like "request docking permission", "cancel docking request", "afterburners" etc. so the VSaAC command in particular. VA recognizes them (green mark) and my binds are correct...
    I have tried the latest version of VA Beta and 1.5.7 also keyboard and hotas .vap of the the Astra/DARK 1.6.5 Beta (FullHouse)
    I checked the keybinds ingame and in VA seems to be okay but there is no soundfile playing and no action taken so that I cannot tell what is going on.
    I noticed that multiple keys like 1,2,3,U,TAB and some more are no longer functional when shortcuts are activated at VA.

    Do you have experienced something like this before? Any Ideas what I could do?

    Edit: I found something on the Interwebs... here is a link for people with similar problems.
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  • Gangrel
    Just so you are aware: If you keep the original email, that link is valid and will get you the up to date version of the voice pack

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  • JediShoki
    Well if I had waited 30 seconds to create the account the answer would have been clear. All my purchases are there waiting for me. Thank you very much! P.S. I love what you guys are doing here.

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  • JediShoki
    Oh. I have just found your new site. This answers some of my questions... creating an account their now. Will it link to my purchases?

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  • JediShoki
    Hi Gangrel, I didn't receive an email notifying me of the 1.6.4 update. I purchased on the 15th of March. I only just created this forum account now. Should the email updates be coming even if we haven't made a forum account or is it tied to his login?

    Also in order to redownload the pack I currently believe my only method is to follow the link in an email I received with my purchase. I checked out with paypal and don't seem to have a website account tied to purchases I have made. Is this part of the reason I can't find an easy way to login to the page to redownload and am also not receiving email updates? (Also of note: I just signed up to the newsletter which might solve half of my problem).


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  • Gangrel
    You should receive an email telling you if there was an update or not.

    There was one on the 18th of March, for 1.6.4.

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  • WolfMax
    Thanks for the reply Gangrel. The version.txt file says it is 1.6.3 and I'm using the 'Beta VSaCS' profile tweaked with some extra commands, which are:

    A request departure clearance which uses Text to Speech as the station control voice, randomly chooses a response for it to make then randomly chooses a voice to say it with (shame there are no mail voices to download from Microsoft), coupled with the launch and ascend commands.
    Commands to switch to and from the new 'Debug Camera' and to toggle the HUD off and on
    Commands to enable and centre an EDtracker head tracking device. It requires the EDtracker app to be running to process the hotkey to centre the view but uses EDs commands for on and off.
    Commands to setup Flight configuration and Docked configuration should things get a bit confused and a diagnostic command to report the state of the main toggle variables (cargo scoop, landing gear, hard points and docked).
    An Auto Pilot command, essentially the same as request docking except for use with the docking computer but which sets the landing gear toggle as ASTRA is not involved after the docking request is made.
    And some general timing tweaks and sound file adjustments but also cleaning up some commands which appeared to me to call another command which then called the first command again (looped ?). I don't know if I have found them all.

    How do I go about downloading the update when it is released?


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  • Gangrel
    just wondering but which version of Voice Attack/ HCS profile are you using? ie ASTRA Full house profile 1.6.3?

    Just curious as there are updates coming (soonâ„¢) that might fix this already for you.

    Thanks for the heads up though.

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  • WolfMax
    I found an issue in the Beta profile where testing for a variable = 0 didn't always work if the variable had not been created yet. I therefore changed all the toggle variables to use 'has the variable been set/not set' as you can unset a variable when you want it to be the equivalent of 0. This has greatly improved the operation of commands at start up as there is no ambiguity concerning if a variable is 0, the variable simply is or isn't.
    All the variables that are used for random events or choice decisions are still the same as the setting of the variable is performed at the beginning of the command sequence so no ambiguity can arise.
    I hope this info is of some use.
    Last edited by WolfMax; 19 March 2015, 07:20 PM.

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  • Gangrel
    started a topic Guide to the voice package

    Guide to the voice package

    Here's a video with valuable guide to sorting out the keys in game - Copying binds to the game.
    In order to use the voice pack, you must copy the appropriate Keybindings file from the HCS folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Sounds\hcspack\profiles\Binds

    and select the appropriate keybindings (go into the folder and select the actual keybinding file, rather than copying the folders) and copy-paste it into the Elite: Dangerous folder:

    C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings

    Now when you load up the game, go to Options>Controls and select the drop-down list at the top. You should find the keybindings in there!
    This video displays the in-game Keyboard & Mouse bindings used by our pack.

    Playlist guide on how to use Voice Attack
    Explanation of Voice Attack Profiles:

    Basic Profile: The basic profile - This is the profile you should start with, watch the help videos and become familiar with it - then you can move to the "Full House"

    Full House: This profile contains the add ons - GalaXapediA, Constellations, Quantum Theory, Commodities, Ships etc. It's the profile we recommend using once you have watched the help videos.

    Beta Profile (VSaSC): The Beta (Beta means it's experimental) profile is a full extension of the Basic profile, and is derived from the original Voidflakes Station and Ship Commands (VSaSC). While still in testing, it carries a great deal more commands, many of which are toggleable.

    The downside to this of course is that occasionally things get messed up, keypresses may confuse the panel lists and toggles, etc. This should only be used if you're savvy with Voice Attack or don't mind that it's a work in progress.

    Generally when things mess up, it's easily fixed simply by setting all ship systems to default and resetting the profile. This can be difficult and inconvenient while in stressful situations however, hence our wish to keep the profile in Beta for now, until we have it fully optimised and made easy to use by everyone - not just those who already know their way around the game and Voice Attack.

    Some of the additional commands and settings available in the Beta profile -

    1. The original VSaSC profile (menu navigation for stations and ship computers)
    2. Most functions are operated through On/Off toggles rather than single keypresses
    3. Request/Cancel Docking calls
    4. System Map and Galaxy Map calls
    5. Take Off and Landing calls
    6. Space goblins that will eat your ship
    7. More to come!
    Many of Astra's vocal responses conflict with the in-game computer's voice. While these are generally up to your personal taste to switch on or off, the list below contains the sounds that most conflict with Astra.

    Simply go to the in-game Options menu, then Audio, and switch these to the OFF position:

    Silent Running Engaged
    Silent Running Disengage
    Flight Assist On
    Flight Assist Off
    Landing Gear Deployed
    Landing Gear Retracted
    Cargo Scoop Deployed
    Cargo Scoop Retracted
    Heatsink Deployed
    Hyperspace Jump Initiated
    Supercruise Jump Initiated
    Many people are asking about some of the commands being disabled inside the profiles. They are supposed to be this way and do not need to be touched.

    DO NOT ENABLE OR DELETE THEM. This will break some aspects, or the entirety, of your profile.

    The double-bracketed commands, as well as a few others, are internal commands that are disabled so they cannot be called by voice. The voice-activated toggle commands show 'disabled' next to them simply because they are linked to the same keypress. This stops them from getting confused and inputting multiple times instead of only once, as required.

    Advanced users may alter the Keybindings category and the in-game keybindings to suit their needs, however this option is strictly available for people who know what they are doing.

    We take no responsibility for any mistakes you make doing this - that's why we have preset commands in the first place.
    Interaction Mode or the 2-Way S-Ai works in the basic and beta profile.
    TRIGGER FOR BASIC PROFILE “retract landing gear”
    TRIGGER FOR BETA PROFILE “run diagnostics”
    After the triggers are used, you can then use the on, off commands for it – which is
    “Interaction mode on” .
    “interaction mode off”.

    To remove the automated Interaction Mode feature, simply remove the following 3 lines from the very end of either "Run Diagnostics" and "System Checks" (Beta profile) OR from "Retracting Landing Gear" (Basic profile):

    Pause 0.03 seconds
    Set [interaction-mode] value to 1
    Execute command, 'ASTRA RANDOM COMMAND' (and wait until it completes)