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    Iv used the beta profile for sometime myself. I find if you having issues with the panels there are commands to fix it. "reset Panels " "system check " or when you first start out "run diagnostics " its something iv slowly got used to. Also its down to the position you have selected on the panels as well since the way the command work is down to key movements , so if your on the wrong panel to start with it will select the wrong one sadly. Hope this has been some help :-)

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  • Tenno6
    Enjoying messing around with the voice commands right now, but one thing that is really annoying is that all the really powerful commands seem to be in the beta profile and they don't work at all. They all seem to work like once then stop doing anything. Example would be the docking request command. When used the first time it worked but every time after that it just opened the navigation panel and closed it. After that it stopped doing anything besides playing the voice command. Seems like the beta profile in general just doesn't work for more than a few mins before everything falls apart.

    Of course it's labeled beta so I can just ignore the bugs, but I'm wondering if it's being worked on at all? Or due to the nature of the software is that about the best we can hope for? The beta profile is essentially useless if it's going to constantly need to done manually just to get it working again.

    *EDIT* I didn't see a bug forum so that's why I'm posting this in the feedback thread. I really enjoy the voice acting so far and love all the education commands. I hope these voice packs continue to grow until they become the way to play the game.

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    started a topic FEEDBACK- Tell us What you think

    FEEDBACK- Tell us What you think

    Lots of you tell us what you think in emails - We'd like to share this here, so say hello and let us know. - Paul Waston

    Trying it out in Voice Attack and teaching my computer to recognise my pronunciations has been amusing and fraught at times.
    Really looking forward to using this of course in Elite come the 16th, update out soon as well, feeling like its Christmas come early ! - 999Jay999

    Kudos to Paul and crew!
    I emailed a "reply" to one of the install emails, because I was getting a weird error when I tried to install the Voice Pack. Paul got back to me in less than a day, and was more than willing to help me with the install. It turned out that the problem was NOT with the Voice Pack, but a faulty Voice Attack install. I uninstalled Voice Attack, re-downloaded and reinstalled it, and the Voice Pack worked right away!
    I'm very excited to start using this! I'm hoping it'll make the games (Elite Dangerous and eventually Star Citizen) easier to play, since I'm not very good at hitting all the right buttons and whatnot. I very much appreciate Paul (and crew) taking the time to create this! -tasbreuk

    A huge thank you for this pack and updates. It must have taken you ages to do all this I for one appreciate your hard work and dedication
    I think this is a fantastic addition to an already great looking game - liam.kilgallen

    Great pack. I little feedback. I think you need to add some time countdown sounds. I just make a self-desteuct handling to Elite Dangerous (, and time countdown could be great there. - Stanislav Epifanov

    Bought the standard voice pack to go with ED late last night, and was so impressed ordered the Personalised Pack shortly after - my personalised messages were finished and in my inbox before lunchtime today, completely impressed with how fast that turn around was, especially this close to launch!
    All messages are top quality, sound great used with the game, and add a whole lot to immersive play - if you're hesitating about making the purchase, don't wait a second longer, you won't regret buying the packs -Ama.

    Same here, top notch stuff .. The samples are in a way for us to make our own to, if you have a sound sample editor. - 999jay999

    Why are there so many disabled commands, it could do with a clean up? - David Newey

    It's fantastic, I really love it. The only things I'd like to see so far is a go cold (dark maybe?) command that turns every module off and a reverse command. - Gessen

    I actually did some work on this a while ago, Project Icy Comet.. The problem though, is that we can't just write a command and have it work for everyone... You need one command for each ship to start with, then another for every possible variation of installed modules.. You'd probably be looking at around 10 per ship, and with 30 ships in-game that's 300 commands!
    I may create a walkthrough video sometime in the future, but it's not a high priority task right now. - Voidflakes

    Makes sense, it does seem complex. It would probably be much easier for one person to make and maintain their own version for a longer term ship configuration Thanks for the response! What about a 'request docking permission' macro. I just started playing, but it seems like the station is either first on the contacts list or maybe if you have it targeted, it auto selects that contact first. Might be useful - Gessen

    Hi Paul very very very good work, do you have the command list for the full monty though?
    Kind regards - Richard

    Very nice work. One thing to consider though...

    Do not default install it into "Program Files (x86)"; allow users to browse to where they installed Voice Attack. I personally NEVER install anything in either of the "Program Files" folders, as Windows does all sorts of funky things with UAC and permissions. My games are in C:\Games and my programs are in C:\Apps.

    After installing and testing your sound pack, although the commands worked, I never heard the voice. I had to look at the commands and only then realized they are all set for {VA_Sounds} which on my machine is C:\Apps\Voice Attack\Sounds. Once I moved your folders everything worked fine. - mdmonson

    Customer service is awesome!
    I mentioned in the forums that the sound files would not play. Paul sent me an email, we got on Skype and Paul went through everything with me. Re installed voice attack and got it working.
    Thanks Paul - ameron7

    I like your Voicepack. ASTRA has a very nice voice and the variety of answers is really nice. And stuff like the galaXapedia might just be "fluff", but it definitely adds something to the game - Niddi

    Love the pack... Not your fault that Astra doesnt recognise what I'm saying... aparently my spoken English arent as good as I thought it was - Slite

    Hi Guys just wanted to say nice work, took a little bit of getting used to but that was my inexperience with Voiceattack as opposed to your voice pack.
    Great addition and really improves the immersion.
    Thanks - millzee69

    Hmm, Slite I speak the queens English and it doesn't understand a word I say either, Spent hours doing the speech recognition training etc still thinks I'm saying goal when I'm saying stop????????????
    I must say it's not the packs fault which looks awesome just looks like I'm not going to be able to take advantage of it as I clearly don't have a voice for radio - paulstrowger166

    Just a note to say I'm enjoying the heck out of playing around with this, it's a really nice, immersive addition to the game and fun to use.

    Takes a bit of fiddling about to get up and running (particularly the keybinds - I have quite a few custom keybinds for some of the same commands Astra used, and while for some command it was ok to use the 2nd keybind option, for some I had to edit the VA profile - e.g. my boost is on LALT), but not all that difficult.
    Keep up the good work, it's a clever idea. You should invest in more TTS's - e.g. I'm sure there are people who would like a cynical robo-butler like Jarvis, or whatever

    (Also, I like the effect on the sounds, it's very well chosen and fairly close to Frontier's. But that's another area you could have a bit of fun with - different kinds of flanging, echo, chorus and modulation, distortion, etc.) - gurugeorge

    Well done. I have the personlized pack and it was done very fast.

    I started you using VA 4 years ago with Star Trek Online for the macros but saw its use as for immersion so i found sound bytes of actors for feedback.
    Nothing more fun than telling Scotty to beam you up and hear him say Aye captain. - raymond.lundgren

    Totally,totally mind blown! Spent my teens playing the original Elite - ED has already exceeded all my hopes & expectations. Bought VA and your pack within 15 mins of each other, I'm now reduced to a babbling giggling kid again as I speed towards Sol.

    The perfect companion to ED, thanks so much for your efforts... - Mike ©1968

    I love this pack.
    But I have one minor complaint with the Taking Photo sound file in C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Sounds\hcspack\applications\
    It sounds as if ASTRA is saying "Taping Photo" and not "Taking Photo".
    Can this be looked at please?
    Thank you, - brian.blueeagle

    Great voice pack, lots of work has gone into it, just a little down hearted that the new personal pack has over 90 something responses compared to the 20soemthing responses i received a week before the new personal pack launched ! lol - Phat Monkey

    Hi paul. Ive just got the 1.6.2 pack thanks. but ive been having a few issues. cause i use xbox360 pad. and keyboard. things have been going a bit screwy, but am just getting use to voice attack and may just be me. sometimes the 1,2,3,4 button wouldnt work when i spoke for the left and right screens. restarted and then seemed ok. also ask astra to take us out and jump/ but i was still on the landing pad and crashed into the barrier. didnt work after that. lol. gunna look into it more later. but its really great cant wait to get my person pack.- paul middleton.

    Loving the voice pack and it really does make the game feel a little more immersive. I am fairly new to using voice attack, as well as the X52, so I grabbed a profile that was already made for the X52 to use the controls which works sweet but it would be cool if the voice commands were set for the X52 as well. Not a moan and with a little more knowledge, I will be able to set this myself but for noobs like me and lazy people, I am sure that would be a plus.
    Great work and keep it up - gregthmann

    Love it so far, awesome job and great to use!
    Few things I'd love to see added; ( I looked for the upcoming/planned features and couldn't find anything if anyone could point me in the right direction)
    Galactapedia entries. (option for brief/full descriptions)
    Descriptions of:
    Factions (history/leaders/government structure/just like the other encyl. entries) Empire/Alliance/Fed/Ind.
    Types of government (democracy/... all the other ones listed for stations)
    Red Dwarf seems to be missing
    Descriptions on the System designations: ROSS, ALRAE, etc.
    Eject all cargo?
    Keep up the good work, thanks again - axeman.pythagoras

    Just wanted to say thank you!
    Bought the voice-pack yesterday and I'm still messing with my setups.
    But what I really wanted to say is that this really opens up a new approach to gaming in particular and using my computer in general, I just know that my father who was severely visually impaired and sadly passed away in 1999, long before these things were even possible, would have been blown away by something like this. :-)

    Thanks again! - Zlivo

    Loving it so far! Really builds on the immersion and frees up needless button presses. The commands are working for the most part but the only one I'm having an issue with are things related to the engines. When I saw "Engines 50%," ASTRA responds but nothing happens in game. The weird part is it just seems to be those specific commands. I can say "Full Stop" and it stops or "Afterburners" and they kick in.
    I'm using the Full House 1.6.2 profile. - Alejandro Grau

    I really like the pack, its very well made , but I must point out one small detail.
    The FSD is not light speed, light speed would be wayyyyyy too slow to travel as fast as the FSD does, if you look at the speed indicator, it shows that in hyperspace your speed jumps around anywhere between 8000 to 2000 times the speed of light and during supercruise you can easily be traveling at hundreds of times the speed of light. (Relativity goes out the window in this game)

    I had to turn off those particular sounds because I could not deal with that factual error, it would be great if she said something else like just "charging FSD"- nikhilraktale

    Hi, first of all: Thanks for the hard work! Still getting used to it and having a hard time memorizing all the commands, there are so many....
    Using the beta pack VSaSC and I'm loving it. I do think it is better if VA responds to a part of a sentence as well (if possible). So when I say "prepare for docking" or commence docking" it reacts to docking. It will make thing more flexible ;-)
    a happy user - dcvermeulen1970

    I love ASTRA, it not only adds control options but it's the immersion feeling i get form it that got me hooked.
    ED is a great game, but it is just not the same without my faithful AI
    I am seriously considering buying all the other packs but
    Right now you want us to use default key bindings.
    Most users will modify these to suit their needs !
    and most user will have done this in game before even having heard of Voice Attack and ASTRA ...
    You really need a way to easily apply the users key binds to the HCS profiles and not the other way around as it is right now !!!
    This would be helpfull to your existing customers as well !
    Most of us customize our profiles, you even teach us how to do it in your, VERY nice by the way, YouTube channel.
    And it is also very appreciated that you give us for free the updates to the packs that we have already bought.
    But updating also means going through each command and redoing all the bindings to match ours !
    and loosing all of our customization ! unless I've missed something ?
    So if I were to buy all the packs then I'd have to do this for all of them and do it again on future updates lol
    There won't be much time left to actually use it in play ! - christsimard

    Many thanks for your feedback! We greatly appreciate it
    I completely understand what you're saying about people wanting to use the keybindings they've gotten used to, We're long-term gamers ourselves and know how off-putting it can be when your controls are suddenly switched around! Unfortunately however, there isn't much we can do as yet - we can't just chuck a keybindings file into Voice Attack and have it work, in the same way we can with the game. If we've got a quiet day, we may be able to offer limited help outside of our tutorial videos as far as getting started on changing keybindings in Voice Attack. But depending on how much you want to change, it can be a long and repetitive process (it only takes 5 minutes to change a keybind, but if you want to place it on an already-assigned key, you'll have to find a spare key to move that to, and so on - THEN match up your game keys afterwards).
    We do of course request that people make back-ups/duplicate saves of their profiles before editing, and a back-up of the whole voice pack before installing a newer version - this protects peoples' personal set-ups if they are happy and not experiencing any bugs. Of course you can still use your older profile with a newer sound pack - the sound files themselves are not changed, just more added to them.
    This means that the easiest and most effective method is to keep the keys in the Voice Attack profiles as they are, and provide a matching set of keybindings which can simply be copy-pasted into the game directory - bish bash bosh, done! We have done our best to keep the keybindings as close to the games' originals as possible - of course there are a few exceptions - so as not to confuse people too much. We will of course keep track of Voice Attack's updates, and if they make any changes to improve user-friendliness in regards to changing keybinds and the like, rest assured we'll be on top of it! My apologies that we cannot offer a more suitable workaround for you at this time, and of course we'll continue to search for better solutions.
    Hope this helps, -

    Finally took a better look at 1.6.3 and it's beautiful !!! You seem to have completed the keybindings so that all the other commands, as far as I could see, run off them.
    No more need to go through all of the profile to adjust to my own game binds !
    And it makes it a lot easier to manage multiple profiles since I can just fix the keybindings in one profile and import them to the others !
    This is basically all I was asking for. - christsimard

    Purchased the ASTRA voicepack, and for the cost, compared for the amount of work gone into the product, I think it's very, very good value for money.

    Initially, my download of the product (somehow) went astray, which meant I had to email Paul at support to see if I'd done anything wrong. I have to say that his response was very fast, friendly, and efficient. Though I haven't yet set this up, I'm sure that it's going to be great, and I will give further feedback when I have it up and running -

    So first off I gotta say Great job on the ASTRA voice pack. I am absolutly hooked on using voice commands. There is enough variety that I can combine them in fun ways to make unique responses.
    I have a question on the new voice packs. Have you added new and different responses that are not included with ASTRA or are they all the same with just different voices? Also I watched the demo video where you call Legend or Venus to the bridge which was cool, Have you made any interactive responses between the crew members? Will say, Astra respond to something said by Legend?Now if you ever put out a Text to Speech version of ASTRA i'd be all over that. : )
    I have a " what time is it " command but i have to use TTS to answer, it would be awesome to have Astra's voice answer instead of default windows voice.- Fix

    I have *really* enjoyed using ASTRA (and fiddling around with Venus/Dark/Legend).
    All I am waiting for is a profile(s) of where they are all linked up. But I am seriously impressed with the work so far. - Chris Milner

    I bought the ASTRA Voice pack on a Saturday morning, got it up and running and lost myself in about 13 hours of Elite Dangerous...even forgot to turn my stream on. Ordered the Personalized pack at about midnight my time, had it 6 hours later in my e-mail and I couldn't be happier. The pronunciation of my online handle is almost perfect. The pre-made profiles make tweaking and personalizing so easy.
    Thanks to Paul and Co. for an amazing product. I will be picking up all the rest at some point.- dwork7

    I have never used voice control before and this has just blown me away! It has been so easy to set up, although the voice recognition had a few hiccups to start with, I am now using it to launch programs from my desktop, it's like having your own co-pilot in Flight Simulator and when it comes to Elite... Awsome!
    Thanks for such a great program which is rapidly becoming a must have item for me. - LordElpus

    I am enjoying many of the updated items, as well as the multiple commands.

    I would suggest a few additions, such as engage/disengage landing gear, Start/stop hardpoints. and a few additions here and there would be nice.
    I know it matters a lot of what you are used to saying in RL, while some would prefer saying retract hard points vs kill the guns.
    A few things like hi astra=response or wakes astra up.
    Also if you yell Stop! at the ship it should kill the engines or similar. Instead of ignoring.
    One thing I noticed is that when saying full speed it isnt adjusting, but when saying stop engines it works.

    Thank you - eracet1

    Thanks for a great product, the really good support given by the team and this Community. You made what looked initially, to be a daunting task, in to a fun addition to my ED experience.
    I'm now setting off, in to the stars with Venus and Astra to keep me company.
    Who needs wings! - Julian Shaw

    I got both the basic pack and the personalized pack. Unfortunately my order got misplaced, so I emailed Paul and he replied within 12 hrs. He apologized for the confusion and had me send him the information for the A.S.T.R.A personalized pack. He put together the Pack within roughly 1 hr of receiving my information for the pack, and I was blasting through space chatting with my AI. - As a Business student I can say the customer support is superb, and the speed that he corrected the mistake shows that he does care about us as customers.
    - Now the challenge is to learn as many of the commands as I can before my Oculus Rift arrives. I can't wait, to actually be in a star ship talking with an AI, I mean, the future that was science fiction is quickly becoming reality.
    - Thank you Paul for creating Astra
    My suggestion for you Paul is to create a way for us to further customize our AI experience. I am sure there are other people like me who would pay to have additional custom lines recorded, for a more personalized experience. - Ken G

    I picked up the ASTRA and DARK packs for my Elite game and couldn't be more happy with them. I mixed and matched to create my own ship's personality. Good stuff.
    I wanted to take things a step further, so I invested in the ASTRA Personal Responses. I'll be honest and say that I wasn't expecting much. I placed my order and filled out the required information, then went for a nap. I was surprised to see that my new ASTRA Personal Responses were waiting for me in my inbox just a few hours after placing the order.
    As cool as ASTRA and DARK are to have helping me in my journeys, the personal responses are simply, and without a doubt, just spectacular. ASTRA addressing me by name takes the whole Voice Attack aspect to the next level.
    The price is just right, in my humble opinion. In fact, I think the packs are well worth twice the asking price... probably more.
    I couldn't be happier with every single aspect of the transaction and the results. Well worth the money and everything certainly does what it says on the tin. Sure, you need to tweak and put in some effort to get things flowing to your liking but it's such an amazing experience when all is said and done.
    Thank you, Paul. Well done, sir. Well done. - thekevinlc