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    Hi, I bought the Eden voicepack for Elite a short while ago and I'm loving the way it works with the game. I don't have a huge amount of time for gaming (turns out having young children and a job are a massive timesink - who knew?) and I hadn't really got into Elite after buying it as each time I logged in I had to relearn all the keybindings before I could do anything competently. The voicepack really opened the game up to me without having to memorize all the keys upfront. I am finding that occasionally VoiceAttack picks up ingame voices and recognizes them as commands - leading to a couple of comedy firing of the afterburners while instation - but beyond that it's been a hugely positive experience playing the game with Eden along for the ride.

    I'll definitely look at another voicepack or two down the line, whenever I can choose between them. I missed the Storybook demo, it seems, but I'm really looking forward to what you achieve with those too.


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      The default speech triggers really need to be more varied, because at the moment, to get a nice smooth experience, one has to go in and input extra words to trigger certain commands. For example, when I first loaded up a voice pack, my personal go-to phrase to drop from supercruise was "drop from supercruise/drop fsd/disengage fsd". Neither of those were programmed and I think that they're pretty common and wouldn't conflict with anything else. Just a nitpick. A similar issue is trying to get to know the "AI". Some of the questions are so rigid and specific, that's it's really more of a lucky easter egg than immersive interaction. Without going into the commands and spoiling it, I would never have thought to ask some of those questions, ever. They need several more likely triggers each. Other than that it's been great.


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        Thank you so much for the work you put in to making the personal pack
        I love hearing it and have already got it set up working with the astar voice pack and i cant wait to see it up and running on my new YouTube channel

        Really a five star work
        I have already recommend you to my friends that play elite they have seen what it is like in game and just how better it is having a voice pack and a personal pack
        Keep up the great work