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Incorrect sounds in Leo

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  • Incorrect sounds in Leo


    I just discovered these voice packs and as soon as I saw Leo was voiced by Norman Lovett I had to have it. I have only just installed for use in Elite Dangerous and done a little playtest, sounds are fantastic and there's a lot to use when I get around to creating my own profile from scratch.

    I have been browsing the sound files and have found an issue in the Systems Profiles\Reset Profiles - all of the 14 sound files in there say "Reset Profiles" or "Resetting" even though they are labelled "All on board components passed", "All systems prepared", etc

    Is this a known issue?

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    Glad you like Leo, we think he's great! Yes, this is indeed known about - what with having such a large, fairly monotonous script, a few lines are bound to get missed here and there. Unfortunately the Reset Profiles folder was hidden away and missed (!) so we improvised by using applicable sounds from elsewhere in the pack. We kept the original filenames on these duplicates to keep the profiles in check with the other packs. If we're lucky, Mr. Lovett may agree to come in for an update one day; if that's the case I'm sure we could ask him to do those again for us!


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      Thanks for your quick reply, No big issue, I think I have plenty of voice responses to be going on with for now without these ones.