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  • Request for a list of responses

    I've recently started looking at expanding my Elite experience with voice commands and responses.
    Adding one (or more) of the HCS voice packs seem to be the best choice for the best replies

    The only issue I have is that I can't see exactly what I'll be buying anywhere:
    -All store pages say there are several thousand responses, but I can't find a basic list of them - as far as I know it can contain some basic responses and a few thousand insults directed at badgers
    -I'm also looking at using the EDDI Voice Attack plugin to give some additional options and using some actual in-game data, while I'm not expecting the HCS voices to have a clip for every possible text-to-speech response (say like the billions of system names), there could at least be a few such as system components (Power plant, thrusters, shield generator) and number construction (combine the two for a readout of systems integrity via the EDDI such as "Hull integrity at 59%")
    -The store page mentions several features to the voice packs, but I can't really find any descriptions of exactly what they are. (GalaXapediA, Constellations, Quantum Theory) While I have seen them mentioned and used in several videos and can figure them out (mostly), I still have no idea if that's everything they can do(responses to "What is X?" and such)

    Can I request a very basic list of exactly what each of these voice packs have? It doesn't have to be exact quotes or anything, but just a list of whether or not it has responses for different categories, such as:
    Navigation (it definitely has this)
    Ship modules/components
    Player rankings and statuses
    Major factions and Powerplay names
    System statuses (eg. "This system is undergoing a civil war")
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    What you are considering buying is a library of custom macros and voice files, including scripted interactions. The voice files and profiles that are included can be used as-is, or as a foundation to build your own custom setup in voice attack. The voicepacks do not read game logs or receive feedback from the game (most of what you've listed), but EDDI is able to capture much of the information you noted and the voicepacks / voice attack software can help you to bring it to life.

    There's an excellent profile here in the forums that integrates EDDI with "multi-crew" (multicrew not really required, just one or more voicepacks to power the included dialog). I just recently downloaded it and I've been very happy with it.