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Verity and Orion Voice Pack problem

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  • Verity and Orion Voice Pack problem

    Currently I have installed Astra, Verity, and Orion's profiles imported into Voice Attack. With Orion and Verity I lose key functions 1, 2, and 4 on my keyboard. I can't type these letters in Microsoft Word, in Elite Dangerous, or even here on the forum. What I do show in Voice Attack are the text words:

    Shortcut : 'Left Panel' when I type 1, Shortcut : 'Comms panel' when I type 2, and Shortcut : 'Right Panel' when I type 4.

    Astra works fine and I don't have the problem. When I close Voice Attack the key functions work normally.

    I am using Windows 10. I can't use there characters in Elite Dangerous since I can't access the key functions in-game. Thank you for any help.

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    Have you tried "typing mode on" "typing mode off" which allo
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      Hello I'm almost certain I had exactly the same problem a month or so ago.

      Do the commands for navigation 1, comms 2, and status 4 open ingame ?

      See what happens if you use the command "reset all systems" after changing profiles.

      If you still cannot use the number keys after that I have an idea that there is a Bindings file conflict.

      Take a look at your bindings they are located in C/Users/user name/App Data/Local/Frontier Developments/Elite Dangerous/Options/Bindings

      I had 4 different files there and since I've moved then deleted the older ones I've been fine.* Keep them safe as you may want to put them back into the folder*

      I used ASTRA to check all my bindings in game were correct then exited the game and moved/deleted all the older BINDS Files.
      So now in my Bindings folder I just have one BINDS File

      Hope you get the problem solved soon and good luck


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        Okay, here is what I found. I started with the first suggestion as in changing "typing mode on" and "typing mode off" I could not find anywhere to change "typing mode on" or "typing mode off" in any of my settings. The only thing I could find close to it was turning "Shortcuts on" and "Shortcuts off" on the faceplate of Voice Attack. I changed to "Shortcuts off" and the little keyboard icon put a red crossed circle over the keyboard icon. My keys started to work normally with Orion and Verity and worked in-game. If I put my "Short-cuts on", I lost control to the keys again. When using Astra, this problem does not occur. I can either have my shortcuts on or off when Astra is used.

        Could there be a programming issue with the "Shortcuts" with the Orion and Verity when Voice Attack is programmed for those voices?

        I haven't tried your suggestion. Cmd Chemtrail, as of yet, since this may be pinpointing the problem. Thanks! I will if there are more issues. I'll be testing.


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          Basically VoiceAttack takes complete control over your keyboard. When you are running VA think of your keyboard as being controled by 2 things. Firstly you tell VA which keys to press when you issue a command and secondly you tell VA which keys to press when an actual key is pressed. If the command you expect to run does not have a key press bound to it then nothing will happen. That is why those keys stop working when VA is running so clicking the keyboard sign on VA (or saying Typing Mode On) turns the control of the keyboard off and you can use them as normal. This is how it's supposed to be as after all this is voice control software so you don't need to press any keys to invoke an action. In practice though we are so used to pressing a key for it to do something that we panic when this doesn't work anymore. Say you have L bound in Elite to lower landing gear (the default). In VA you say Lower Landing Gear and VA presses the L key for you. If you press the L key yourself then nothing happens because the command in VA does not have it set so that the Lower Landing Gear command is run when you press the L key. You will have to manually edit the profile, find the Lower Landing Gear command and edit it, check the box that says When I press a Key and assign it to L.

          I hope that makes sense
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            Yes, that makes sense and I knew most of all you said but my point was that there was some programming missed in these voice packs. Hence, why does all keys work in one Voice Pack verses another. I like the liberty to use both voice command and keyboard to be used at will. If a said command doesn't work immediately, say Deploy Weapons, and the Voice Commands misses it, I would like to hit my U key to manually deploy my weapons. Having to turn off Short Cuts to have this option shouldn't be needed if it was corrected edited in the released version of the voice pack. I encountered this problem which I had never seen before. It is the purpose of this forum to resolve issues for people having troubles, express comments, and make suggestions. The developers need to make the changes once we encounter them. The problem is therefore in the released version and needs to be edited for the next version. To fix it on my own is fine if you or someone else has a fix for this but it is only good for the people that can do this. Other people who know little about editing on Voice Attack are going to run into this issue and are going to be asking the same question. Therefore, it's up to HCS now to look over the issue and include the with the other little bugs that are found in the next release. You, others, HCS, and I are doing our part to make this the best enjoyment experience for all. A paid product should not be a fix-it-yourself kit. Thanks for your help. Does this make sense?

            A case in point below is another with the same problem. This can be corrected with updates to newer versions.
            (Sorry, I'm not sure how to Hypertext this link in this forum, unless it's automatic when I post.)


            Thingls, I really do appreciate your support and answer as I do from the others as well. It's people like you guys that keeps this community great.

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              Yes and no

              VoiceAttack firstly is a 3rd party app which the voice packs are an add on for and HCS cannot give support for that.

              Secondly, the profiles are given as freebies for you to use with VoiceAttack. When you purchase a pack, you are purchasing the voices, the rest is bonus content. The profiles are done to get you started and you are encouraged to learn, tweak and customise. Support is given on a community type basis the best that they/we can.

              Thirdly, pressing a key or not to issue a command is a personal thing and not everyone uses it which is why the newer profiles don't have the keys bound to a command. Also, if you don't use the default keys that the HCS profiles require, then it's an easy change in the keybindings category. Doing the keypresses as well is another setting you would have to change too so it's been simplified to make it easy to customise. I personally only use a few keys, chaff, shield cell etc, basically the ones I want to instantly run and not be delayed by me speaking something.

              Your points are very valid though and I'm sure HCS will take your feedback onboard for future releases/updates.
              The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

              You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.