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Orion voice not working in game

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  • Orion voice not working in game

    Hello I have had VA installed for several months i have tried both the Beta and non Beta versions. VA works great with all commands in star citizen along with text to voice prompts.
    i installed Orion voice pack. I set everything up according to the directions in the install folder. However, when I'm in-game, I don't hear Orion at all. I'm able to issue commands, so Voice attack seems to be working fine, if i request \Monologues\The universe.wav VA acknowledges the command as correct but no sound plays.
    if i kill Star Citizen process mid playing The universe.wav as soon as SC ends the audio comes back on fine.
    Both VA and SC run as Admin.
    i uninstalled WMP then restarted and reinstalled with the same fault occurring.
    running Win 7 64 bit
    i setup a test command in VA 1 as "test wav" which plays a wav file and "test mp3" which plays a MP3 file.
    both commands and files play fine from desktop in VA but as soon as i run Star Citizen they dont play but the commands are acknowledge as correct.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well whilst i was waiting for a response, i got another SSD and loaded win 10 64 bit on it. once i loaded all my programs and drivers it now works so it seems to be a compatibility issue with win 7 and win media player.
    Having alot of fun now.
    i have started training the sentences in Orion in to windows speech engine see YouTube link for further info.
    it makes my VA over 98 % rather than just the standar training.


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      Its not win 7 or win 10 is just the media player needs to be updated.
      Many people dont bother to update is as they use a different media player like vlc.
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