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Scanning for enemy ships - how was it done

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  • Scanning for enemy ships - how was it done

    In one of the demo videos the player asked if any ships were around... and the reply was no, I assume if there was a yes you could ID between hostile or not as well...

    Where is the script for that?

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    That was a "nothing" script... as in it was scripted/edited in after the video.

    There is currently no way for Voice Attack (or any other application) to legitimately get information like that out of the game so you can act upon it. The stuff that EDDI does requires using the Elite Dangerous log file and then *reacting* to that information, but that basically just covers station/system information and not ships in the area.
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      Well poo.

      Altho, if scanners can see a 'hostile target" by actually targeting a next hostile, then it stands to reason there is a active response that there IS a target of some sort... if there "IS" a target is a YES and if there is NO target then negative response? Just thinking aloud.
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        Scanners may be able to see hostile targets in the game, the problem is that game information is not available to pass to 3rd party apps like VoiceAttack so there's no way to know automatically. There are some programs that hack the memory whilst Elite is running and extract the info but I don't think any of them are available and Frontier (obviously) consider it a big no no.
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