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  • Reporting bugs:

    The BUGS section here is where you can report errors - items in the manual that aren't working.
    Please note - there are a number of bugs with Microsoft Flight Sim that we have reported to the developers, including those related to Master Battery in the Airbus, APU Switch to off in the Dreamliner and many others. We hope to have a "known bugs" list posted in that section soon.

    IMPORTANT - Autopilots in various planes are subject to a number of errors from MSFS at the moment, so the implementation of altitude change, heading change and speed change works, but varies between models of planes. Changing in-cockpit settings manually MAY interfere with the voice controlled commands.

    These planes are complex machines - and the simulator accurately models their complexity. The variety of planes available represents a significant challenge to HCS, and your input is invaluable in helping us identify these differences.

    Give as much detail as possible including:
    What plane you are flying
    A screenshot of any error message you get in VoiceAttack
    What IS happening when you try that command
    What SHOULD be happening when you use the command
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