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After HCS Voice Packs update , lost PTT on / off sound

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  • After HCS Voice Packs update , lost PTT on / off sound

    My PTT on off sounds are not working using aviator profile. only come back when I change profile then change back to aviator profile , I need the mic , on / off sound as I use VR and can't see the text. Cheers.

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    That's strange in that it is coming back when you swap profile. I say this because there is nothing in the HCS profile *itself* that actually changes whatever sounds you have assigned.

    This is dealt with in the VA settings (Audio tab), with feature on / off sound / Stop commands sound. Here is where you can also set what audio devices VA should be using and what not.

    Note: Swapping profiles (so from an HCS profile to another profile and back) is functionally treated the same as just starting up VA. So this is why I am confused as to why swapping profiles would bring back the sounds.

    The only thing that I can think of in this case, is dependant on you starting up VA before the game / going into VR.

    If you start VA before going into VR: VA will go "I am going to use this audio device"

    If your VR setup has a different audio device though (to play audio through for example), and you then start up VR, VA *may not* necessarily swap to the "new / correct" audio device.

    HOWEVER, if you start VA up *after* starting up VR, then I reckon that VA will swap over to the new audio device correctly.
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