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Suggestions for autopilot commands

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  • Suggestions for autopilot commands

    I just got this and like some of it. But, since I have most functions mapped to the HOTAS, I only want to use this if it works perfectly. Some things I want to see:

    1) When I set a heading, it activates Heading Hold at the same time. I want Set Heading and Heading Hold to be separate commands so that I can set up a heading in advance - perhaps while I am still in Nav mode, and then issue Heading Hold to make the switch.

    2) In the same way, when I set an altitude, I don't want the plane to start climbing or descending. I will use vertical speed when I am ready to change altitude.

    3) Vertical Speed needs to be able to select a feet-per-minute value. "Vertical Speed up 700" . Increase or decrease vertical speed is too vague.

    4) We need Flight Level Change.

    Those are t he things that I noticed at once and really need to have corrected. The rest works pretty well so far.

    I only fly in VR, and I use Pilot2ATC, so I am talking to two different programs. For that reason, I have a button to toggle HCS off. It would be great if an alert appeared on the screen (where other alerts are seen in the G1000) saying HCS Listening when it is active.....It wouldn't work on older planes, but maybe a red light could appear on the instrument panel and be dragged to an appropriate place where it would show when HCS is listening. I know this is a lot to ask, but gotta try....