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A few suggestions for new commands

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  • A few suggestions for new commands

    Loving having Elise around to help me in flight, but as a GA/Bush plane kind of guy I spend a lot of time flying in and out of airfields that don't have towers. Would love to be able to use the various atc callouts through HCS. Downwind, Base, Final, Clear of runway etc are commands I use almost every flight and it would be awesome to not have to remember "Atc option 6, atc option 5, atc option 2, atc option 1, etc"

    Another useful command would be sim rate. Its a pretty clunky keyboard command, especially in VR, so I would love to be able to run it through Elise. I tend to avoid long flights and prefer flying in real time, but I'd probably stretch my legs out a bit more if I could speed things up easier.

    Lastly, and I'm kinda surprised this isn't already a command, the ability to open and close the toolbar via Voice would be awesome.

    P.S. Thank you for the music control commands!! I stumbled upon them accidentally and LOVE being able to start/stop Spotify without leaving the cockpit. The thought never even occurred to me to add them to a voiceattack profile.

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    We actually don't press any keys with the Aviator profile (this is why we use the simconnect plugin to talk to the game directly).

    You can also use the voice trigger editor in the profile to add additional triggers to the existing commands (we use the same structure as VA does normally for its "When I say" entries, so it could be worthwhile looking at the VA manual in this case to see how semi colons / [square brackets] are used
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