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Coming Soon for Unity profile (No Mans Sky)

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  • Coming Soon for Unity profile (No Mans Sky)

    With all the exciting ongoing development from Hello Games, creators of No Man's Sky - we have been hard at work updating your voice packs to keep up with all the changes.
    With 12 of our legendary voices already able to accompany you on your next mission, or to assist with gathering the resources you need, we have brought a range of updated voice commands, and a few new ones to help you manage every aspect of your time in NMS.

    Updates in version 1.14 include:
    Updated menu management to summon your ship, freighter, the anomaly or your creatures
    "Ship" based menu commands with a prefix to help you manage the menus when in ship
    NPC Chat - initiate conversations with NPC's with a simple "excuse me" or "can you help?"
    NPC dialogue management - control the flow of your conversations using "option 1" "option 2" to select just the right answer to their questions
    Manage the information message pages with the new "next message page" and "close message page" for conversations, incoming transmissions and hint dialog boxes
    Our new "Emergency recharge" command - instantly recharging the item in your inventory with the most need (assuming you've got enough of the resources, of course)
    New "pick up portable equipment" command to help you tidy up as you leave an area - just look at it and ask your AI to collect it. "Pick up refinery"
    Start the refinery using the voice command "start refinery"
    Collect plants with the "collect the plant" command
    An updated printable manual with more commands, and more information on customising your AI companion
    Plus MANY updated voice triggers to help you speak more naturally to your AI companion

    To update your packs, you can just use the "UPDATE" button in the customiser (accessed by saying "protocol override customise my settings"), or clicking on the update prompt when it appears.

    Don't forget - if you've customised your key binds - you can adjust them by editing your profile and finding the ((import binds)) command - just change it to match your choices in game, and you'll be good to go.
    (*note - the only exception is the left/right mouse click for managing menus - that needs to stay standard)

    Your AI crew stands ready to join you on your next adventure - whether just one of them, or a whole crew working together with their own roles.

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