Hi, fellas, it's been a while. real life and all that! Hope y`all doing ok.

Ok, I'm back in No Man Sky again and am having some frustrations... I have installed Unity into Voice Attack per instructions and ran NMS VR.
Now I can get her saying "Hello" and "I can hear you". She even uses my personal name correctly, but she simply doesn't follow any command at all for anything in No Man's Sky. She's like an observer rather than a helper.

I have changed the VA to focus on the Window on the pc and also to game itself, but it doesn't work.
Interestingly enough it does seem to detect when I start NMS.

Also I'm not certain personal preferences is working quite right cos when I run the batfile it says it can't find the "path specified". Has something changed in the installation for Personal Preferences (since I haven't run this for a while)as the instructions to: "Place 'Convert old style personal pack.bat' into your personal sounds folder. This is normally \VoiceAttack\hcspack\Role\Personal pack\Personal responses <????>"

Seems a little off. There is no 'Role\Personal pack\Personal responses' files (so I put them in manually, is that right?) and what does the ???? stand for?

Sorry to hit you guys with so many questions, but I've been trying this for a couple of days and really want to know what I'm doing wrong.