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    You guys don't have a specific forum for suggestions, so I am hoping this is the right place. I was just talking to a friend of mine and extolling your products. He asked me if you had something available for any popular survival games. In particular, he plays Ark Survival Evolved and 7 Days 2 Die. Specifically for Ark, he has set up a lot of Voice Attack macros. I just wanted to bring up that there might be market for it.

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    Whilst we don't have any specific profiles for those games, we actually have the "minipacks" which are just collections of sound responses which you can use for your own profiles (for personal useage)

    1) I reject your reality.... and substitute my own
    2) Not to be used when upset... will void warranty
    3) Stoke me a clipper i will be back for dinner
    4) Never tell Gangrel to do anything... he will probably get it wrong
    WARNING! Swedish wall-of-text hits you for bork-bork-bork damage!