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Star Citizen Voice pack NOT Working

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  • Gangrel
    For Star Citizen, you need to export your ingame binding scheme so that we can then read it in the HCS Customiser.

    1) How to export your SC control scheme: https://support.robertsspaceindustri...ustom-profiles
    2) Open the HCS Customiser (To access the customiser, you can say "Protocol override customise my settings" or press LeftAlt+LeftShift+LeftCtrl+Enter)
    3) Click "keyboard control"
    4) Make sure that the path shown in the box is correct (correct it if needed)
    5) If it is, then you should be able to select the exported control scheme from the drop down box

    ((you MAY have to restart VA / Swap profiles in VA after you have done this for the change to be fully picked up))

    Please ensure that you are using the profile that has "Event Horizon" in its name (I forget the full name off the top of my head).

    Please note: If you have not changed any of the bindings in Star Citizen, then the profile should be using the *STOCK* 3.18 bindings in there, which would also take into account any commands that do not have bindings for in them. So if you haven't exported your ingame control scheme (but have made changes) then use the profile, then there is a mismatch that can occur here.

    Also, there will be some commands in the profile that act as toggles (even though the spoken command itself suggests otherwise).

    For example (I am just picking a simple phrase to explain the situation, not saying that this *SPECIFIC* command acts in this way).

    1) Open Doors -> This will open the door.
    2) Close Doors -> This will close the door.

    Some commands will act as a toggle (ie: if the doors are open, and I say "open doors", the doors will close, and same with the reverse of "Close doors" when the doors are closed will open the doors).

    Unless there is a *specific* unique keyboard press associated for the command (ie Open Doors and Close Doors have different keyboard presses), then we use the "Toggle" version of commands.

    Again, I just chose "open Doors / close doors" as "generic command phrases" and do not mean to imply that these commands work in this way.

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  • WildTexas
    started a topic Star Citizen Voice pack NOT Working

    Star Citizen Voice pack NOT Working


    I recently purchased a voice pack Alix - Star Citizen. I heard about the HCS packs from someone that installed and said that it did not work. That a few years ago so, i thought that it should be working now. i installed it per all given instructions and it actually works, partly but not totally.

    I must already apologize for this post if somehow it shows my personal lack of understanding or ignorance in this matter. And if so, then the installation instructions are not well explained for the greatest average user. By the way, i found almost no videos specifically dedicated to Star Citizen profile "Key" management. All examples are towards Elite Dangerous.

    The pack performance is really bad because it is not a ready-pack for star citizen. It is just a fake copy of Elite Dangerous.

    On the selling webpage it does not show any reference or any note that this pack is not Star citizen ready, neither it shows that it needs further adjustments.
    This fact makes people believe that the package is actually working, but it is not !!! It is only partly working simply because some keys are common to both Start-Citizen and Elite-Dangerous. And why would i like to have a huge extra amount of Elite-Dangerous keys and voice answers that have nothing to do with Star-Citizen?

    Fake advertisement? I probably now also understand why such wonderful voice packs are not even generally considered by star citizen users.
    Most users that tried these packs eventually give up and return back to "stream deck" or any other functional tool.

    Besides the obvious disappointment, that the package is definitely not ready for Star Citizen, the pack's profile is locked and it does not allow any modifications (not editable).
    And yes, I read all over about the customizer and the voice editor. Now this doesn't change the profile to perfectly work with Star Citizen. It only allows minor adjustments to the our speech requests. It doesn't allow changes to what specific key does and how the pack should react upon. The game-keybinds userfile can bring keys to voice attack but the pack reacts insane with some Voice pack pre-programed keys.

    Out of multiple examples, for example the F(Hold) interacts with the Ship to enter the cockpit or to sit. You can use the voice pack and say "Enter the ship". Then the pack works. Now, if you say "exit the ship" it will attempt to perform the same F(Hold) because the function was programed to be a toggled in Elite Dangerous. In Star citizen this is impossible and generally used default key "Y" to exit the seat or leave the ship. On the other hand the F(Hold) is an interactive functions that is used for many other functions. This is not easy to explain.
    What i'm trying to say is that the Star citizen package, as long as is so lousy, it should be unlocked in a way that someone, me inclusive, can create a proper workable profile.

    Sure i can make a new profile and do all my modifications there, merge with the voice pack profile and make it work... hum? not really !
    Once a key is not recognized from the voice pack, there will be no pack-voice reaction.
    What what would be the advantage of a voice pack if you cannot use it? why thousands of voices if you cannot used them? In Fact you could use them if you completely build a new profile from the scratch. Well, this is not what i payed for. I did not buy somethings to make that something

    Anyways, i do not want to upset anyone here but i think people need to have better answers and better support. HCS can surely benefit from having a good Star Citizen workable profile. Star Citizen user community is huge. Whoever is doing business development in this company should consider this and invest a little in star citizen packs. I mean, when was the last time someone worked on these profiles?

    I am not asking my money back. I'm simply asking to please unlock HCS Star Citizen voice pack. I would like to edit and make it proper for next SC version 3.19.

    Have a great day