I changed a few keybinds to double-taps, to avoid accidently triggering those actions when I accidently type when I *think* I am in chat, but am not. I was tired of turning off my engines, getting out of my pilot seat, etc. So now, exit pilot seat is double-tap Y, Engines OFF is double-tap i, double-tap H for equip/unequip helmet, etc. I exported my keybindings to a new export, and updated the "HCS - Event Horizon (SC) beta" profile to reference the new keybindings export. All my custom keybindings work, except the voice commands that are supposed to execute a double-tap keybinding. Sp, I can no longer use voice commands to do things like exit the pilot seat, turn on/off engines, equip/unequip helmet, and the other actions that use double-tap keybindings.

Is there any way I could correct this manually? Is there a workaround, without having to abandon the use of double-tap keybindings? Or, can this bug be fixed?