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  • Assign someone random to all stations

    This command does not seem to be working. The most recent patch did stop it from entering an endless loop however, it does not appear to be working at all now. It is recognized but on my system it never gets past assigning someone to number one.

    Also, I'm having a miserable time with "Crewman Carina". I've had to edit / block words in windows speech engine just to get it to recognize "Carina" properly as opposed to "Karina", "arena", "Car Reina", so on and so forth...

    Even when it dictates it correctly (i.e. Crewman Carina) it is 'unrecognized'.

    Can I purchase a speech engine that works better than whatever Windows 11 is using? (And would that even work with Voice Attack?)


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    Crew command roster
    Crewman <who you want to be number 1>
    Number 1
    <normal crew assignment command>
    That is all

    Should fix this. There appears to be an issue with the profile *recognising* the full sentence version, even though the code for this *should* be the same as the Elite Dangerous version.

    You can add words to the windows speech dictionary to help with the pronunciation via VA directly (Voice Attack settings -> Recognition tab -> Utilities -> Add word to windows speech dictionary. )

    Note: Depending on what you have set in the Voice Trigger Editor, you *may* have blanked out the "Crewman" requirement

    Open the HCS Customiser -> Voice Trigger Editor

    Crew Command Roster section
    Crew reference.

    If the trigger for this is *empty* then "Crewman XXXX" will NOT be recognised, and only the crew member name *by itself* will be.
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