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Voicepack Request: Star Citizen Manufacturer Voices

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  • Voicepack Request: Star Citizen Manufacturer Voices

    I saw you guys in Around the Verse and downloaded your VoicePacks as they were a great, no-fuss implementation. And I appreciate the effort you put in your voices. Yet, while celebrity voices are cool and all, I actually think think their familiarity from other media takes me out of it just a little.

    I was wondering if you all would consider, as you did with the A.S.T.R.A voice in Elite, of making voicepacks using the voice talent (and voice-mod effects) of the fictional ship manufacturers' onboard A.I.s used Star Citizen:

    Anvil Aersopace, Drake Interplanetary, RSI, MSI and/or Consolidated Outland (although I'm partial to Drake's female voice if I had to choose one).

    Given Cloud Imperium seems to be a booster for you guys, I can't imagine they'd begrudge letting you hire their voice talent for the sessions. I think it would very much further immersion, which is your goal. I'd probably buy the entire pack of all voices if you made them available.

    P.S., I think your approach really syncs with Star Citizen, as for both companies it seems like a great emphasis on immersion -- more than any I've seen. Thanks!
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    Great idea.