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EDEN Problem with on my mark/voice disabled

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  • EDEN Problem with on my mark/voice disabled

    Hey guys,

    I bought the Eden voice pack yesterday.
    Setting it up was pretty easy and it seemed like that it works pretty well ingame.

    Then I wanted to do a quantum drive. So I marked my destination, pointed right at it and said "engage jump". I got a voice response but nothing happened. I looked into Voice attack and it says:
    "Unable to comply - on my mark not active".
    Did I forget a step before, or do I need to set something up to get rid of
    "Unable to comply - on my mark not active", maybe both?
    Also I realized that a lot of commands in Voice Attack are labeled: (voice disabled).

    To get the Panels running with commands like "left panel" or "navigation" I just need to follow the steps from the pdf which I received via Email, I guess?

    Thank you everybody.


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    A screenshot of your voice attack window when it first loads up would be most useful here.

    Also, the voice commands that are down as "voice disabled" are meant to be that way, as they are "building block commands" and so are used by other actual commands
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