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    Feels like a really stupid question, sorry! I bought A.S.T.R.A, Kate and Vasco a while back. I've just picked up the game again, and went to run Voice Attack. It told me that there were a bunch of updates for my plugins and voice packs, but I can't download until I update Voice Attack. So I updated Voice Attack to 1.8.5, launched it and I'm not getting any notification to update the packs.

    I still have the "sendowl" links, but there's no version numbering there and the downloads are dated with the date I downloaded them.

    What's the right way to download and update HCS Tools and my Voice Packs?

    Thank you!
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    Use the existing sendowl links that you have to redownload each voicepack, and they will automatically download the most recent up to date version of each pack. HCSTools will be downloaded during each install
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