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Some commands stopped working, even though voice commands are recognized

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  • Some commands stopped working, even though voice commands are recognized

    I have noticed that some commands have stopped working. The voice commands are recognized, and I get a voice response, so I am confused. Is it possible that I somehow deleted a handful of commands? I have spent a TON of time setting things up just the way I want, editing 80% of the voice commands via the customizer, so I hope I can fix this, without a complete wipe and reinstall. MOST commands still work. Only I have only found a select few to fail. Here are some of the commands I have notice are no longer executing the keystroke/keybinds in Star Citizen (and I have not changed my keybinds from the default):

    Spool Jump Drive - B
    Activate Landing gear - N
    Activate Mining Mode - M

    There are a few others, but now that I am posting this, my brain has stopped working. But, those are the two big ones that I use all the time. Now, when I execute the "takeoff handover (I usually just say "take off"), it raises the landing gear, just fine, so it knows the binding for raising/lowering the gear. It just won't raise and lower the gear by itself.

    Is there any way I could restore all the commands in the write-protected profile, without losing all the voice triggers I have added via the Customizer? I even set the voice triggers back to the defaults, for the affected functions, but that didn't help. I just got this set up for 7 voce pack AI's and the cat. I'd really like to get these few problems fixed, if possible, without losing all the hours spent tweaking all the voice triggers in the Customizer.

    Thanks in advance!

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    First of all I would recommend backing up your Customiser settings (open the customiser and then click the "Backup settings" button.

    Then I would suggest redownloading/reinstalling one of the voicepacks to make sure that the most up to date version of the profile is installed (It should be Event Horizon v1.3.1)
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