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voice packs not working

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  • voice packs not working

    I had to reinstall my voice pack when my computer crashed. When i run voice attack the message is sent but command is no executed. Enclosed is a screen shot of voice attack.Also when i say "Orion or Astra" it doesn't recognize the command.

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    the screenshot quite clearly shows you have missing keybinds in the game so you need to add them. The customiser has routines to tell you which are missing or add them for you.

    all pack names need to be preceded with "crewman" so it'll be "crewman orion" or "crewman astra"
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      thanks for the help


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        One more question, Where do i find the customiser?


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          To access the customiser, you can say "Protocol override customise my settings" or press LeftAlt+LeftShift+LeftCtrl+Enter
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