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  • Request Landing/docking

    I have to admit that at some point my keybindings got a bit crazy so I ende dup resetting them to the default setting and reconfigured my x52.

    My problem is that there are a few commands I give get acknowledged but fail with the error of " The keyboard bind is missing in the game" followed by " This command will not function"
    Most I can live without, but request landing/launch are one of the biggest pro's for me and it is giving me these errors.

    Is there not a way to see what bindings are set in the hcs va profiles, so that I can go in and set the bindings that are missing?

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    the HCS profiles don't hold any binds, it reads your game binds file, which you need to export from the game. and point the HCS app to them.. so if missing in game , HCS will not work...

    to export your ingame control scheme https://support.robertsspaceindustri...ustom-profiles

    Then open the HCS Customiser (To access the customiser, you can say "Protocol override customise my settings" or press LeftAlt+LeftShift+LeftCtrl+Enter)
    Then go to "Keyboard Control" and if the path listed is correct, you should be able to select it from the dropdown box there export your ingame control scheme

    after restart your VA.