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Key Binding Import for ASTRA?

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  • Key Binding Import for ASTRA?

    I just added ASTRA to my SC catalogue and love it and the potential of it. After years of play my key bindings have either been deleted, have added alt or crtl to them, etc. Is there a base profile to import that will cover the keyboard commands for ASTRA and I can just reset my HOTAS after import? Being unfamiliar with what she can do and how she does it, it's hard to map keys to get her to work.

    Thanks, and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.

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    1) How to export your SC control scheme: https://support.robertsspaceindustri...ustom-profiles
    2) Open the HCS Customiser (To access the customiser, you can say "Protocol override customise my settings" or press LeftAlt+LeftShift+LeftCtrl+Enter)
    3) Click "keyboard control"
    4) Make sure that the path shown in the box is correct (correct it if needed)
    5) If it is, then you should be able to select the exported control scheme from the drop down box

    ((you MAY have to restart VA / Swap profiles in VA after you have done this for the change to be fully picked up))
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