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New Voice 'Actor' requests for SW Squadrons

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  • New Voice 'Actor' requests for SW Squadrons

    First, a Thank you to the Developers. I can't play Elite, without voice packs... I own 25 of them.

    Next, I would like to get some voice packs for Star Wars Squadrons, however...I find the choices difficult choose from. Frankly they aren't from the SW universe, as good as they may be, they just aren't.

    I was looking for R2-D2 sound effects. We don't really have to understand what he/she/it is saying, just that the commands are acknowledged. It would more effectively add to that desired immersion. (At least on the Alliance side.)

    Another option, that I would love to have, would be Alan Tudyk. He's hilarious! and would be a welcome smarmy, sarcastic companion. So I am really hoping there are plans to get Alan Tudyk to do some voice work?

    Those are the two most desired, that come immediately to mind.

    Thank you again, for making my escapism much more entertaining, by creating the perfect tool for VR and that it actually works and works very well, almost perfectly. I just wish the voice commands on my car were as functional or would actually work half of the time. Perhaps someday you could crack that market.