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  • Training VA

    If this has been covered, or can be done already and I just cant find it - the forgive me and don't shoot me!

    My Scottish accent seems as indecipherable as Klingon to VA/HCS on understanding what I'm trying to say sometimes (or maybe its the medicinal whisky)

    When I find an oops! Id love to be able to go into the listed/intended command and train that specific command to recognise what i'm saying.
    ie. "Take me home" - if it has difficulty recognising that phrase, go into the command list, select the command, select TRAIN and speak the voice command (maybe say 3 times) so that VA can allocate the phrase in Drunken Scottish to the Correct Command?

    Maybe this shouldn't be in game mode but a training mode for VA

    Methinks if you think thats a good idea, then VA would listen to your suggestion quicker than mine.

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    if you open the settings of VoiceAttack, the recognition tab. There is a Utilities button. Choose Add/Remove Dictionary Words. With that you can train the speech engine for individual things it's struggling to recognise. HTH
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      Its not so much individual things, although I'm going to try that to "fix" the unrecognised scrolling words in the window, but the entire phrase spoken naturaly.

      Thanks for the quick response. Thought I was the only one up late.


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        fatzdomingo if it's of any use, I trained the individual words as well as the phrase in Windows speech recognition dictionary (where you can "add a word"). E.g.., "Crewman Alix", "Crewman", and "Alix" (along with "Alex" and "Crewman Alex") were all words I added to the dictionary and recorded my pronunciation to help it better match what I'm saying. It seems to have helped quite a bit.