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  • Singularity Greeting command

    I would like a command that allows a pilot to say "Hello all" or "Sound off all" that will then go through all the installed voices with maybe a relevant quip or interaction to the others (example ASTRA says "I am here. But then I am the first one" and several of the other voices will reply with "and the most arrogant" or "But you are not the first officer" or "I'd like to see you shoot of a ships engines at full power with my skill")

    This is like the Role Call but for all voices.

    Note, should also be including the computers voice as well as many have the TTS customized as well.
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    This is something that is best setup by the end user themselves in my mind. Will think about it
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      Ugh, I have to think, but I figured that would be the answer.


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        there is already a cmd to do this "all stations introduce yourself" it's in common chit-chat so you can alter the trigger phrase if you wish. It does who is assigned to station which is about the most I would want replying or it would take forever. TTS we won't do.
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