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duelshock 5 support?

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  • duelshock 5 support?

    any chance of having keybinds added to the creator for DS5, EDHO works fine on standard GP binds,
    however keybind creator will not create binds for the DS5
    it wont create them for a standad game pad either. i think that has somthing to do with im using a ds5.
    is there anyway too get arround this problem, without doing all the setting up manualy, there is a lot to get through
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    What I would do in this case, is 2 step.

    1) Make a change to your current *stock / default* control scheme so that it gets listed in the dropdown menu as "Custom". (ie: if its a gamepad that you want to make a binding file for, select the gamepad control scheme)

    2) Shutdown ED

    3) Open the "keybind creator" in the HCS Customiser

    4) Select "Custom" (3.0 is for Elite Dangerous: Horizons, 4.0 is for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey) in the bottom right of the Keybind Creator

    5) Click "Create"

    This will fill in all the blanks for the *Custom* control scheme for the device that you created the "Custom" control scheme on.
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