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ALiX - importiation/initial setup problems

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  • ALiX - importiation/initial setup problems

    So I followed the YouTube video and pdf instructions and put ALiX in the correct VA file on my C drive. I then imported the 2.0 ALiX vap. Then I left VA on and started ED to test it out (just to see it work) and , no joy on the experience.

    1. I not sure I was doing importation right because par. 5 of the installing ALiX voice pack instruction says click on "done" and there never was a "done" it was just OPEN box with that file identified and back to VA box where it was listed as a profile. It put the name of the profile up there, but it never displayed any of the commands such as those in the list on the YouTube installation video at 4:14 in the box below the profile name. I deleted the profile several times trying to get the "done" box but never got it and just moved on... I have no idea what "Other "add on" profiles are also available in the themes directory means (this is also in paragraph 5).

    The video says to create user name for the profile... I'm assuming that is what ALiX.vap is and I don't want to create one for Ogre, correct?

    In other words the video appears to be inconsistent with what the written directions say to do and I'm totally screwed up since its not working. Nonetheless I moved forward.

    2. ALiX talks, I said "run diagnostic" and it responded.

    3. I have a thrustmaster throttle/yoke stick system, plugged in, system recognizes and when I go to Keybindings I set it to Thrustmaster.

    4. I watched the YouTube on key bindings and never got ALiX to enter a single one as demonstrated at the Keybinding video at 4:09. I tried the voice commands per the video at that point but it didn't do anything but verbally respond with an "OK" or something meaningless. I found the EXCELLENT Default Keybinds list here in the forum, but ran out of time last night and couldn't input them. I'll try to manually input them all tonight.

    Because I'm not getting any commands/responses visible when I import I get the feeling that I'm clearly doing something wrong here. I thought maybe that I was not getting anything but the .wav files working; but when I attempted to use ALiX for requesting landing permission later she did change some screens to the left - never got permission mind you, but did change the screens to one a few layers in. So there has to be some key presses she is doing.

    Between the installation videos (which appear to be a little outdated) and the written instructions I'm kind of lost on how to proceed and/or restart with this whole process.

    One final direct question, should it work during the training missions?

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    training missions are the same so will work fine and yes the instruction video's are a little outdated now as things in game and voiceattack have recently changed.

    Voiceattack uses keypresses to execute the commands so firstly you need to setup the keypresses accordingly. Elite has 2 binds for each command so you can use 1 for the actual one you use, like a joystick press. The other needs to be the corresponding keypress that Voiceattack presses. There are some preset keybind files in the pack for you so you could use them. Pop the correct binds file into your install of Elite, normally here: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings\
    after you have put the file there then restart elite and in the controls options you can select to use these binds in the dropdown box at the top

    When you log into the game and you are sat in your ship, issue the run diagnostics command. This resets some variables we use to track the panels and tabs. If you open those menus and alter their position without using a voice command then we lose what the position is so you need to set it back to the beginning and run diagnostics again. Back to the beginning for example on the left panel is the navigation tab so you set it to that and close the panel and run diagnostics and it''ll work correctly after that.

    If you'd like to understand this better then have a read of this:
    The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

    You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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      Thank you very much, between manually entering in the keybinds, the "run diagnostics" and "why it breaks" all helped me get moving. Hopefully things will smooth out as I learn the program better.


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        For anyone who follows in my footsteps, the Voice Attack screen currently looks like Alix1.jpg (attached) AFTER you load in your voicepack. The square with the pencil in it opens up an Edit a Profile box which has the spoken commands broken down into categories and then the individual commands such as those shown in the video. I presume this is to make navigation easier.

        I've spent hours with it going through the tutorials in the game and experimenting with the right words words to use. Even with the ASTRA command sheets this is still work. And when it works it is awesome, its ME who needs the training. I'm ultimately going to use this with an Oculus system, but I'm learning to use this and trouble shoot in standard setup. Can't wait for ED to use the Touch controller to assist in the cockpit.

        Best, Ogre