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How to get lastest plug-in version and latest Verity Update

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  • How to get lastest plug-in version and latest Verity Update

    Hi! I tried to get the storybook galaxy demo working and it keeps saying it can't activate because I don't have the latest 2.4 version of a profile...

    9:01:23 PM - WARNING: Storybook Galaxy is not compatible wih this profile, please update to v2.4 or higher

    Here is the sequence I get on startup I case that helps...

    9:00:24 PM - Plugin support enabled.
    9:00:24 PM - HCS Elite Dangerous Journal Reader Initialized
    9:00:24 PM - Plugin 'HCS Voice Packs - Elite Dangerous Journal Reader v1.0 - for VA v1.5.14+' initialized.
    9:00:24 PM - Plugin 'bindED Plugin v1.0' initialized.

    I've installed the latest version of voice attack (1.6.7) and I updated Verity last time I got an email which was in April 2017. I saw a listing of the last voice pack updates and it listed a Verity update in June of 2017, I never got an email for that.

    So a few questions...

    1. How do I get the latest version of Verity if I haven't gotten an email about it?
    2. What exactly needs to be updated to 2.4 for storybook galaxy, and how do I go about doing it?

    I've been looking through the forums for guidance and haven't seen a clear answer yet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    use the same download link to grab Verity again and it will be the latest version
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