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How to use Astra and Mars in singularity profile ???

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  • CMDR: Pielemuizzz
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks for the fast response on this TheThingIs. I will be using Multi Crew so I can enjoy Astra and Mars both for now. I'll be waiting for the Email once the release is ready.

    Thanks again and I cant wait to use Astra and Mars with the singularity profile

  • TheThingIs
    Multi-crew profile is discontinued, Singularity is the new and improved version of it.

    All packs were last updated on 20/12/17

    Mars,Legend,Venus & Z are the only ones left which are not yet singularity enabled. When they are, you will receive an email from us.

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  • How to use Astra and Mars in singularity profile ???

    First I would like to thank you for making such voice packs aviable for Elite. This is really use full and a great immersive experience with Elite.

    To my small question / issue with the singularity profile:

    So I bought the Astra and Mars pack not to long ago and got everything working with the Multi crew profile. But when I want to use both sound packs with the singularity profile only Astra is detected by the profile.

    So I looked in the forum to see if any one else has this issue. So I found out that the MARS 1.6.5 version is not compatible with the singularity profile as for now and that the new version for MARS will be released around Jan 2018.

    Is this true ?

    And if so how could I get the new version for MARS when released and will there be a new version for the singularity profile also ?

    Because I saw their where a few patches released for the singularity profile and I'm not sure if the Astra Voice pack I downloaded at the beginning of this year has the most recent version of this profile ?

    Also for now the multi crew pack is working great and I even made some new commands to change game modes when in battle so Astra or Mars waits the 15 secondes before you can exit. Really love that option when docked so I altered it to be compatible during battle also. Also made some commands to use other applications like Teamspeak and such to be used with Astra or Mars. Very nice and I learned a lot of your Voice Attack commands to make some of my own commands, I'm really greatfull for that.

    Hopefully some one could get back to me on this because I cant wait to use the singularity profile with Astra and Mars instead of only Astra at this moment.

    Thanks in advance.

    CMDR: Pielemuizzz