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Eliminating nag on ship destruction

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  • Eliminating nag on ship destruction

    I do NOT need a prerecorded lecture when my ship gets blown up. I am, emphatically, NOT in the mood to be nagged by ASTRA. how do I delete this most misguided of "features".

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    I will have to double check, but as far as I am aware, you cannot at the moment.

    Have noted though.

    First complaint I have heard about this though.
    1) I reject your reality.... and substitute my own
    2) Not to be used when upset... will void warranty
    3) Stoke me a clipper i will be back for dinner
    4) Never tell Gangrel to do anything... he will probably get it wrong
    WARNING! Swedish wall-of-text hits you for bork-bork-bork damage!


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      I assume there is a .wav / mp3 file that can be deleted. Had a similar issue with the long-winded "welcome back" messages about wookies, Vasco DaGama, and Spock. Found, deleted, fixed.