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PTT and "hearing" commands when there's no PTT button pressed.

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  • PTT and "hearing" commands when there's no PTT button pressed.

    Hi, folks.

    I have VA set up to use a PTT button. I really want it to be the case that Singularity only accepts commands when I press my PTT button (actually a combination). However, I'm constantly finding that the VA "headphones" icon without the red "no entry" overlay, with VA listening away to any random stuff I may be saying or ambient (read TV) sounds, and often interpreting various random commands as a result. This is the case even when teh PTT button is not depressed.

    I've seen no evidence if it hearing a "start listening" command, so I'm wondering what's going off here. Any ideas?

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    this sounds like a case of VA not "releasing" the PTT button. I have never been able to *reliably* replicate this, just "I have to hammer the button several times very quickly and then it *might* stick into the "on" position"
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