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Confusion on multiple AI and default assignments.

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  • Confusion on multiple AI and default assignments.

    I have used the customizer, and assigned default positions for the 5 crew I have. But when I load the game, it seems like no one but Astra is assigned. Do I have to say crew command roster every time I load the game and then assign everyone again?

    So I am confused how the default positions setting is really supposed to work.

    Up until now I wasn't seeing the value in having bought multiple packs if it seemed like only one worked at a time. Then I tried the 'crew command roster' voice command and then assigned AI to various positions manually. Now it has opened up and feels more fun to have multiple crew around me. So I am happy with that. But doing that each time is off-putting.

    ** My ship is a bit (happily) crowded: Astra - Celeste - Midnight - Orion - Vasco - COVAS - EDDI **

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    You should only ever have to say it once, unless there is an issue with VA saving your settings (this can happen if VA shuts down abruptly).
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