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Getting ASTRA to refer to me as Ma'am

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  • Getting ASTRA to refer to me as Ma'am

    So I don't much like that ASTRA refers to me as sir, and I see that there are alternative files for Ma'am in the pack. Is there an easy way to switch those out? I've done some digging and haven't come up with anything. Thanks!

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    Commander and Captain are viable? Being male and having a big ego ( :-) ), I have never noticed Astra say "sir".
    And.. shouldn't that be "Mum". :-)

    o7 commander


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      Just having her say "commander" or "captain" is an acceptable short-term fix, but I would very much like to hear "Ma'am" as well.


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        Well... if you get a personal pack, you can have that and your commander name as well
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          These are the options for an Astra personal pack.

          Commander + Just Name
          Captain + Just Name
          Just Name
          Master + Just Name
          Lord + Just Name
          Lady + Just Name
          lieutenant + Just Name
          Chief + Just Name