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Voice Attack responding slower over time. (Eden)

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  • Voice Attack responding slower over time. (Eden)

    I've read every result on these forums and Reddit that I could find and I'm all out of ideas. Voice Attack is set to target active window. I've created a new windows speech recognition profile and deleted the old one. I have set Voice Attack to disable acoustic cancellation and adaptive recognition, but that's not my problem because I mostly use voice attack via joystick buttons. I have uninstalled and reinstalled voice attack multiple times and made sure to completely remove all trace of it on my drive before reinstalling it. I tried to run Voice Attack as real-time priority in my Task Manager but after all this I still get a delay even though Voice Attack uses no significant portion of my CPU. However, even when I disable plugin support and restart voice attack, there is still at least a second delay between when I press a button on my joystick to execute a command and the command executing, whereas it used to be instantaneous. Additionally, the longer I have voice attack running, the larger that delay becomes until it's nearing five seconds.

    This delay also applies to vocal commands, and the plugins, where Eden will count down the seconds before I exit hyperspace and be a few seconds late. Usually, when I restart my computer, Voice Attack will run more smoothly at first. It will respond in half a second or less. However after five minutes or so it will slow down to a single second, and by thirty minutes the response is down to five seconds or more. This is regardless of whether I am running Elite or not; I have restarted my computer and booted it up just to see Voice Attack responding with a three second delay or more.

    Additionally, Voice Attack takes five minutes or more to read my keybindings. The speed in which the keybindings are read varies with the speed of my commands being responded to. I have gone into the customization settings and tried to ameliorate my situation in any way possible but I cannot determine what is slowing down Voice Attack after all these years of it working perfectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    This issue seems to be resolved by turning off antivirus software.


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      Originally posted by Vuldriel View Post
      This issue seems to be resolved by turning off antivirus software.
      That is never a valid resolution to anything. (FYI worked as Cyber Security professional for 4 years, so I know whereof I speak)..

      Which AntiVirus package are you using ? It may be monitoring VA and that could be turned off.


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        We have done some investigating with VA so could you please try the latest VA beta and let us know how you get on. The profile will complain but that's fine for this one
        The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

        You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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          I use MVPS Host file, Windows 10 default AV, and Malwarebytes Pro.

          I never get hacked and never have any issues with speed. MWB is specifically designed to co-exist with the Windows default , whatever they call it currently.

          I've been using this combination for several years as it eliminated overhead problems I was seeing when using other products.


          Currently my VA setup is so fast, it's often done completing a task before I see what happened. Request docking, for example is already initiated by the time the screen pans left. Over the past few weeks I've worked on the timings and settings, and the results are astounding. I didn't think it would be possible to see this level of responsiveness from what I saw from when I first started using VA, but it's been incredible to see what can be achieved.

          I use VA with HCS Astra and Verity, plus EDDI integrated as well.

          Hard to imagine anything better.
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